A better world always start from basic research


Active projects:

- DISPLAY: Descifrando el sistema inmune de las plantas: origen y evoución de los péptidos antimicrobianos

- Study of plant growth promotion effect of desertic strains under saline stress

Unraveling the molecular dialogue in microbial-assisted plant growth in the presence of heavy metals

Previous projects:

- Deciphering the molecular dialogue of Micromonospora and its host plants in the first steps of their interaction.
- ACTINO 1000. Exploiting the genomes of the Actinobacteria: plant growth promoters and producers

of natural products and energy relevant enzymes united in a taxonomically unresolved phylum 

- Ectomycorhizal development of rockrose (Cistus ladanifer) using edible fungi of Boletus edulis and inoculated with innovating bacterial consortia based on Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria (MHB)


- Intracellular accommodation of nitrogen-fixing symbiotic bacteria.


- Immunolocalization of antimicrobial peptides from Alnus in symbiotic tissues.


- Symbiotic exchange of signals: analysis of molecular mechanisms in Nod-independent nitrogen fixing symbioses.  - Analysis of the effect of the association of endophytic bacteria and Rhizobium from pea nodules on the development of pea and corn in integrated production systems.


- Ecological importance of Micromonospora in the presence of nitrogen-fixing nodules of legumes.

- Importance of actinobacteria in the deterioration and conservation of heritage monuments in Castilla y León II.      


- Analysis of plant growth-promoting capacity of rhizobia strains in a greenhouse integrated production of tomato and pepper cultures.


- Addition of organic amendments influence in the dissipation of fungicides in vineyard soils.


- Study of the infection process of endosymbionts and endophytic bacteria in legumes and non-leguminous plants of agronomic interest in Castilla y Leon.

- Importance of actinobacteria in the deterioration and conservation of heritage monuments in Castilla y León.


- Nitrogen fixing nodules: an unexpected source populations of Micromonospora


- Selection of actinomycetes with biotechnological potential.



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